NCAE Policy Priority

NCAE Policy Priorities

With the failure of comprehensive immigration reform efforts in 2014 and the publicly acknowledged activist posture of the Administration and its agencies, NCAE has identified the following action items as priorities for federal advocacy.


Forge and enhance relationships with key officials at DOL, DHS and USDA. Focus particularly on USDA as the natural industry advocate in inter-agency discussions and shared responsibility for implementation of foreign worker programs in agriculture.


Support any and all efforts through agency action or legislation to maximize viability and accessibility of the H-2A program to all agriculture and all agricultural housing. (USDA 514/516 housing to allow for H-2A workers.)


Oppose any and all administrative or legislative initiatives expanding workforce enforcement procedures in agriculture such as hot goods procedures and expanded human trafficking provisions.


Monitor the impact of administrative actions on agricultural labor supply and support program guidelines that protect agricultural employers from any liability in the employment of potential program beneficiaries.


Support legislative changes to the Affordable Care Act that will lessen its burden on agricultural employers while ensuring access and benefits to the agricultural workforce.


Monitor legislation and union activities for impact on agricultural employers.


Support coalitions advocating for immigration reform to ensure the inclusion of an effective future flow foreign worker visa program.